Annemarie Borlind Review


Annemarie Borlind is a line of skin care products created by Annemarie Lindner, a woman from Leipzig, Germany. Annemarie Lindner suffered from severe acne as a young girl in Germany and searched for over a decade to find a cure. Mrs. Lindner discovered that herbal products greatly improved the look of her skin and helped clear up her acne. This inspired her to become a cosmetologist who specialized in holistic skin care, and to open her own skin care company.

Annemarie Borlind currently creates and distributes over 30 products that range from anti-aging creams and treatments to skin purifiers, and many of these are actually sold as small sets of 3-5 products. The official website has a lot of useful information such as charts, graphs, and detailed information about various products, but individual descriptions for Annemarie Borlind’s products are almost non-existent.

Product Details

The Annemarie Borlind product line covers a very wide range, but we have found quite a few product sets that claim to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or offer various types of anti-aging effects. A few of these are the Rose Dew Series, LL Regeneration Series, System Absolute Series, and NatuRoyale. Each of these products has a time table or graph that shows what percentage of wrinkle depth reduction you may experience while using these products, which is nice. While this is by no means scientifically proven, we like the fact that this company created all of these charts, and they do enhance the website and make the products more appealing.

The main ingredients in most of the Annemarie Borlind products are various vitamins, herbal extracts, and oils from plants and fruits. These holistic ingredients should be fairly mild for most skin types unless you are allergic to a specific botanical that is included.

The Good

  • Very wide range of products that offer anti-aging benefits.
  • These products are made from all natural ingredients.


The Bad

  • Some products are fairly expensive. The LL Regeneration Eye Wrinkle Cream is $49.99 for 1 ounce.
  • The charts and various types of data presented on the official website are not backed up by clinical trials or any scientific data that we can find.
  • The official website only ships to the US and Puerto Rico.
  • These products don’t contain any powerful wrinkle fighters that we could identify.

The Bottom Line

The Annemarie Borlind products seem like good holistic skin care products that may appeal to many people who don’t want a lot of synthetics in their skin creams and lotions. The biggest problem we have with these products is the lack of clinical trials. The official website is full of graphs without anything to back them up. We recommend sticking with products that include detailed testimonials and clinical trial data, but if you want an all natural product, you might try something on the cheaper side from Annemarie Borlind to see if you like it.


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