Annayake Extreme Reparation Review


Japan has created some great cosmetic products in the past. Now we have a number of Annayake skin care products that have been developed using the latest technology in science and molecular biology. The Annayake line of beauty products use a variety of active and innovative formulas to provide delicate textures and an elegant tone to the skin. One of the recently developed skin care products made by Annayake is Extreme Reparation.

Annayake Extreme Reparative cream is sold online for the treatment of skin imperfections and damaged skin. It is claimed by the dealers that this cream provides an invisible film over the skin and protects it from the environment. The Extreme Reparation also acts like a moisturizer and penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. Over time, the cream firms the lower layers of the skin, erasing the lines and wrinkles. The end result is a rejuvenated skin that appears youthful, radiant and soft.

Product Details

Unfortunately there is no website and it is difficult to know what the ingredients found in Annayake Extreme Reparation are. Despite a thorough search on the internet, the ingredients in Annayake products remain a mystery. The Annayake cosmetic products seem to be sold by, which only lists the presence of an antioxidant, some unknown herbs and a delicate wood extract.

The Good

  • Probably is a great moisturizer.

The Bad

  • There is no official Annayake website that we could find
  • There are no photos.
  • There are no clinical data.
  • There are no testimonials.
  • The product can only be bought from a dealer.
  • Very expensive (most products cost more than $150-$200).

The Bottom line

Japanese make great cosmetic products. On the dealer’s website, Annayake Extreme Reparation Cream is available in an elegantly designed container and appears to be a high-end beauty product. However, in this case the elegant feature of the bottle does not tell the whole story. Despite a thorough search on the internet, there is very little information about Annayake products. The Annayake products seem to be sold only by, which has just a few products from this line.

There is no website and there are no explanations how the product works or for how long one needs to apply the cream to obtain the cosmetic effect. Considering that the cream is more than $170, I think it is important for the consumer to know what the ingredients are. While the Cream may have excellent skin care benefits, it is difficult to make any kind of judgment without looking at ingredients, testimonials or pictures. In the meantime, for the serious skincare consumer who can afford high end products, there are many other products that can offer the same aesthetic features as Annayake Cream, along with a whole lot more product info.

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  1. It’s hard to trust what you say because as you state you are paid for some products thus my question is are you paid to review Rejuval Skincare?

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