AngelLift Review

AngelLift Dermastrips are nothing more than two, small plastic strips that are placed between the lip and gum. The only business name we found is AngelLift. We know the website was purchased in 2002, so there’s some longevity here. We found it for sale directly from the company, but we didn’t find it through any other popular retailers.

What is AngelLift?

AngelLift is a piece of thin plastic that’s placed between the lip and gum. You can wear one at a time. Depending on how they feel, you can use the second right after the first. You’re supposed to work up to 30 minutes a day. According to the directions, the Dermastrips are supposed to get more comfortable over time. The company claims you’ll likely see results in 30 to 60 days.

Quick Facts on AngelLift

  • A 60-day guarantee is offered.
  • Can take up to 60 days to see results.
  • You can only wear the strips one at a time.
  • Dermastrips only come in one size.
  • May only be available directly from the company.
  • There are professional and prescription versions available.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s take on AngelLift?

“When I first looked at this product it seemed too good to be true,” offers our Skincare Editor. “There is some science behind it, but you have to use it religiously and it’s just not comfortable enough to do that for some people. Plus, it may be difficult to wait for 60 days before seeing results.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We have to weigh the positive against the negative so customers have a well-rounded look at Dermastrips. As we read through comments, we found a few issues here and there. The first dealt with results, or lack thereof.

  • “I used the AngelLift product for 30-40 days, but did not see any results.”
  • “I saw no noticeable results.”

We have to note that there are customers who used AngelLift and did notice some changes.

  • “I have been using the strip for about 2 months now and I am absolutely amazed to see the lines softening.”
  • “At about the six-week mark, I noticed that my smile lines started to go away around my mouth.”

One other thing that concerned us, just based on the number of reviews that mentioned it, is fit, use and comfortability.

  • “The little strips wouldn’t stay in place in my mouth.”
  • ” I couldn’t get it to fit comfortably in my mouth without popping out.”

Others had no trouble whatsoever.

  • “I actually wear it at work and no one notices.”
  • “Once you get used to them you don’t notice you’re wearing them.”

Is it Time to Order AngelLift?

There is mention of a clinical test, though it only had 29 participants. We don’t have any information on where it was published. We do like that there’s a guarantee, so you’re not out anything if you return it in time. We have reservations though, because we are not sure this is the right option for everyone.

What Do We Like Better Than AngelLift?

The product that’s caught our eye in 2016 is one called BioGeniste. The ingredients are clinically tested and shown to help fight the aging process. Plus, it helps that customers are seeing fantastic results.

Click here to learn more about this anti-aging solution.

18 thoughts on “AngelLift Review”

  1. I just received my Angellift Lip stimulants. The directions say to place under the UPPER lip – do I do the same thing for the bottom lip? (or are the strips just placed under the upper lip? Thank You

  2. My parents best friend’s name is Angel and he makes dental placements for dentists. He came up with the angel lift and contacted a patent lawyer to patent it. – instead, they stole his idea and made the product right underneath him. used his name and everything. he couldn’t sue because the patent layer gave him papers to sign which signed over the company to himself. NOTE TO SELF- always read the fine print. Anyway- don’t buy this product, you will be buying from a thief.

    1. You (he) should contact a lawyer specializes in suing lawyers for malpractice if they do things like you say was done here.

  3. I bought the Angel Lift from the shopping channel. It came with virtually no instructions like where on the lips they were to sit, how far up and so on. They are going back!!!

  4. I purchased Angellift from the shopping channel, price was approx. $48.Have been using them for about 5 weeks & have noticed substantial improvement in upper lip area & lines from nose to mouth. My upper lip has also increased significantly. Only negative I found is using product more than 15-20 mins causes irritation to gums. Would not be without this product.

  5. Have been using this product for 2 months…It really does work for me. The mouth lines and puppet line have softened and yes you can use it on lower lip..the lines around my lower lip have also softened. Irritation to gums is only temporary.
    I love this product..but you must be willing to work with it and give it time.

  6. If this is true, I see this man on Shark Tank May 2, 2012, making his pitch. I would contact Lori on Shark Tank who made a contingency offer.

  7. I purchased Angel Lift from their website and it was $75 plus $8.00 shipping for a tiny little box. Used it religiously for the full 30 days, every day and it did absolutely nothing. Don’t waste your money. How to use it, price, etc. is on their website, but there is no money back guarantee–so don’t waste your money. Total and complete RIPOFF!!!!!

  8. I have a friend who purchased this at the price of $350!!! She saw minimal results. There is NO way I’m paying that kind of money or even the cost that some people here have stated for something that is geared toward vanity only. I am me, and if people cannot take me as I am, proud wrinkles and all, then tough. I have better things to spend money on that some new fangled item to stick in my mouth.

  9. I’ve been using this product for several years. Yes it does work. I wear it for 10 minutes each on top and bottom for four day a week. I haven’t had to have juviderm in the ( ) or corners of my mouth since. I am 57 years old.

  10. You (your dentist) should seek an attorney who specializes in legal malpractice to sue the lawyer who stole the idea and had him sign fraudulent papers. There is a statute of limitations for filing claims so he would be wise to look into it soon.

  11. I think the product has made a definite difference in only 3 weeks. Other people noticed as well. I would certainly recommend it. I have used fillers, botox etc. This seems to work the best.

    1. Nancy,
      Please let us know if it works! I have had a set for about 2 years, but haven’t used them. I am 61.

      1. I am 64 and I see results. I don’t remember when I started but I have been using the strips and serum religiously and am about to re-order.

  12. Just read about this on reviewing an episode
    of Shark Tank it looks good an I don’t see Lori
    getting involved with a scam. I guess if I want to order I must go through Lori

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