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Amerigel products are manufactured by Amerx Inc which is a well known manufacturer of wound and skin products. All Amerx products are made in the USA and are reviewed by the FDA on a regular basis. Among the products made by Amerx are Amerigel wound dressings, barrier lotions and skin care creams. The company has based its product formulas around extracts of the oak tree. Oakin is a chemical derived from the oak tree and this natural extract has been used for some years in the hospital setting for the treatment of wounds.

Amerigel products have been widely tested and have been found to be beneficial in the process of wound healing. The other benefits of Amerigel lotions and creams is that they also function as excellent moisturizers and skin barrier creams, Amerigel creams can be applied on many types of ulcers, burn wounds, post surgical scars, abrasions, lacerations and also prevent skin breakdown. The barrier lotion is frequently used as a protective moisture barrier for skin conditions that result from incontinence or peristomal sites. The skin care lotions can also be used to treat a variety of bacterial and fungal infections on any part of the body. Many Amerigel creams are widely used in hospitals to prevent dermatitis and treat dry skin.

Product Details

Amerigel products are derived from the oak tree extract. The extract known as Oakin has the capability to heal wounds and ease pain. The extracts also contain unique tannins which act as anti-oxidants, decrease inflammation and promote natural healing. Other additional ingredients found in the formulation include Urea (which builds moisture), micronized Zinc Oxide (to protect the skin), and Oakin (antimicrobial/antifungal, exfoliant and keratolytic agent).

The primary ingredient used by Amerigel, Oakin (Oak Extract) is readily absorbed into dry or damaged skin and provides the antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antipruritic properties. The Amerigel Care Lotion penetrates down to the sub-dermal layer of the skin and also contains 1% Urea to help boost moisture content and Zinc Oxide, well known for its antiseptic and healing benefits to the skin.

The Good

  • Excellent website with comprehensive details.
  • Testimonials from patients.
  • Amerigel products are approved by FDA.
  • Many products are available without a prescription.
  • Can be used to treat a wide variety of wounds.
  • Site has an excellent FAQ section.
  • The website also offers free advice from a nurse.
  • Extensive clinical data on efficacy of Amerigel products.
  • Comprehensive guidelines for patients on how to use the products.
  • Preferred customers get a 10% discount
  • Majority of Amerigel products are relatively cheap and affordable

The Bad

  • Amerigel seems to be more of a treatment for clinical skin conditions, and is not intended to treat the signs of aging.

The Bottom Line

Amerigel products are generally used by individuals who have skin breakdown, skin infections, have a variety of medical appliances on their body or are bed ridden. The products are more geared towards a patient rather than an average consumer. Amerigel products are very effective for skin care and are approved for use in the treatment for many types of wounds and ulcers. An individual seeking beauty or cosmetic skin care products would not find Amerigel products exciting or rewarding. However, for patients who have had problems with the healing of wounds, Amerigel products seem like they can do wonders. Ask a physician to learn more.

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  1. How often do I have to change the dressing for an ulcer that has small to medium drainage? Can you use this product for someone who is immunocompromised?

  2. lost the front of my foot thanks to this crap….material mix up at the plant..never got notice of the recall…

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