American Beauty Cosmetics Review


American Beauty makes a wide range of natural skincare and beauty products that cater to individuals who are seeking more than a fragrance. The products from American Beauty are available at Kohl’s department stores located across the US. American Beauty products are quite popular and include products for skin care, make up, anti-aging and various fragrances. The skin care products include various cleansing lotions, moisturizers, liquids and toners.

The American Beauty Cosmetics line also has a number of Overnight radiance creams, hydrating creams and moisturizers which are claimed to prevent worsening of the skin. The makeup section involves products for lips, eyes, cheek and face. The firming lotions are claimed to boost the body’s natural collagen production, diminish age and brown spots, increase skin firmness and also provide SPF protection.

The American Beauty Cosmetics website claims that most of its products are recommended by dermatologists and are suitable for all skin types. One of the latest American Beauty product is ‘All is Forgiven”. This is claimed to contain peptides that can instantly lift the skin and improve the brightness. Most of the products come in elegant vials and containers.

Product Details

The great thing about American Beauty is that below each product the ingredients are listed. Among the more important ingredients found in American Beauty products are Hyaluronate, Vitamins C and E, glycerin, linoleic acid, cholesterol barrier repair complex, mulberry root, grape extracts, sea weed extracts, anti-oxidants, Ceramide, exfoliators, vitamin E, apple and lady thistle extracts, aloe vera, squalene and cucumber extracts.

One should note that American Beauty products are made from naturally occurring plants, herbs and fruits.

The Good

  • The site is well designed and the uses of each product are explained.
  • Have a number of unique ingredients like Hyaluronate.
  • Have many photos of Ashley Judd who uses American Beauty products
  • American Beauty Products are relatively cheap and widely available.
  • Website also has a nutrition Aid site.
  • There is also a press room which details the latest in skincare.

The Bad

  • No testimonials from the average consumer.
  • Products not available online.
  • Since American Beauty is an entire beauty care line, products should probably be judged on an individual basis.

The Bottom Line

American Beauty has a very attractive website that lists all of the products in an elegant and nice to read fashion. Each product has the natural ingredients included listed below, which is great. The majority of American Beauty’s products are relatively cheap. While there are a lot of claims made about what the products can do for the skin, it appears that some products are simply excellent moisturizers with good fragrance. It would have been nice for the company to get testimonials from the average consumer to get an authentic view of their products. In any case, if the site has a picture of Ashley Judd looking like great after using American Beauty products, who are we to question these products? However, it was a bit difficult to find info about the line’s signature anti-aging product, the American Beauty All Is Forgiven Serum.


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