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Amelan is a depigmentation cream created by the Pasha Clinic which is a London based company. The Pasha Clinic was founded by Dr. Menevse Kargin who recognized a need for her patients that was not being met in the skin care industry as it existed at the time. Her patients had many scars, stretch marks, pigmentation issues, and other blemishes that diminished their quality of life. The Pasha Clinic was Dr. Kargin’s solution to this problem, and soon an entire product line was created and distributed around the world.

Amelan works as a depigmentation cream, as well as an anti-aging cream according to the official website. This cream claims to remove all kinds of spots and discoloration associated with aging and sun exposure, and also to treat various types of skin conditions. The official Amelan website is pretty vague and doesn’t really contain much useful information at all. We don’t even see a place to actually buy the products but this could be due to website construction. The “products” page doesn’t seem to be functional at the time of this review so you will have to rely on third party distributors to purchase Amelan from.

Product Details

Amelan claims to produce depigmentation results in just one week for those with light to medium skin, and in 8-10 days for those with darker skin. Amelan is applied to the skin 3 times each day and the official website states “In 99% of the cases the spot disappears up to 95%”. That is a pretty significant figure.

A quick search on the Internet shows that Amelan costs hundreds of dollars if you can find somewhere to purchase it. This includes a cream, mask, and some consultations with a doctor. It seems that the Amelan treatment begins at a clinic or other health practitioner’s office. A mask is applied in the office, then you go home and use the maintenance cream (Amelan M) for 1 week. You will return to the clinic twice during that week to make sure everything is working properly.

The Good

  • Amelan appears to work very well for those with pigmentation issues.


The Bad

  • Amelan and the treatments involved will cost hundreds of dollars.
  • The official website is very vague and not functional in some areas.
  • It is difficult to find somewhere that uses Amelan. It may be easier to use the phone and call local dermatologists instead of hunting on the Internet.
  • Obviously, Amelan is primarily intended for those with pigmentation concerns, and will have little effect on pre-existing wrinkles/

The Bottom Line

Amelan is definitely not a product for everyone, since it is intended specifically for those who suffer from skin discoloration or age/sun spots, Amelan seems like a great product. We don’t like the manufacturer’s website and hope they work to improve it in the near future. Amelan is very specialized so if you are looking for a wrinkle or anti-aging cream, you may want to keep looking.

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  1. I’m been using Amelan for 3 years now, and I love it, people tell me I look younger, and my skin rally look nice.

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