AMBI Skin Care Review


In the 1960s a company called AMBI Skin Care was created with one thing in mind. They were created to make products for skin care available to women who had rich deep skin tones. One of the main things associated with the company were their fade creams which smoothed and evened the skin. They also reduce the appearance of dark circles and spots as well as changes in facial color. A recent improvement to the creams has increased the time for a visible change to only a couple of weeks. Around the same time improvements were being made AMBI added a couple more products, AMBI Even and Clear. These were created to help skin retain the even complexion and to keep discolorations away. All the AMBI products are available at stores coast to coast and they are not expensive.

One of the claims that AMBI uses to promote their line of skin care such as Even and Clear is they are made of products that will keep the complexion even and will clear dark spots which have been showing up in your mirror. Included in this skin care line of products is a daily moisturizer, an exfoliating wash and a foaming cleanser.

Product Details

The ingredients contained in the AMBI skin care are a blend of two vitamins, C and E and soy extract. It is called Even Blend and is supposed to soften your skin as well as improve the complexion. The two vitamins are antioxidants and can minimize damage to your skin. Collagen production can be stimulated by Vitamin C and this delays aging signs. But there are many products that are used for anti-aging that actually have collagen in them. These are much more helpful to the skin when it comes to making your skin look younger.

Another stimulator is soy. Working to make the body generate Hyaluronic acid to slow down aging, soy is not quite as effective as other products. There are some which actually have Hyaluronic acid in the ingredients rather than stimulating the production. Normally the preferred way of slowing down the aging process is the use of these products which by the way contain astringent salicylic acid which manages acne.

The Good

  • AMBI products are not expensive and are widely available in many retail outlets.
  • A product which was created just for women who have rich, deep complexions.

The Bad

  • There are no ingredients in the product which contain hyaluronic acid or collagen.
  • Retailers must be contacted for returns since the website only sells the product.
  • No mention of a return of your money if you are not satisfied is made anywhere to be found.

The Bottom Line

If your heritage includes being of African, South American or African descent the products made by AMBI are for your skin. If an anti-aging result is what you are looking to purchase there are more options that will have more beneficial results. They do not work on the problem of dark spots. The choice will have to be made of which one is the most important – the wrinkles or the complexion and whether you will be satisfied with this product or if you need to look into this further.


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