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Ambi is a line of skin care products created by the mega corporation Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson has been around for over 120 years and employs well over 100,000 people, and it would be hard to find a more recognizable brand in the USA. Some products you may be familiar with are Splenda, Tylenol, Neutrogena, Listerine, and the very popular line of Johnson & Johnson baby care products.

Ambi is a specialized skin care line that has been around since 1966 according to the official website. The Ambi line was created for women of “African, Latin, and South Asian” decent. Women from these regions typically have a different and darker complexion than your average US or European skin color, and thus may require products that are created for darker skin tones. Darker skin comes from an increase in melanin production in the skin, but this sometimes leads to uneven or spotty skin as we age.

Product Details

Ambi products have been used for almost 50 years and the best selling products in this line are different types of fading creams. These creams help women with darker complexions maintain an even, natural skin tone by reducing various types of discoloration. The Ambi line includes Even & Clear, Fade Creams, Specialty Care, and Body Care categories. Each of these categories features a handful of different products that were created to do different things. The Ambi Even & Clear line, for example, has a cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer that may help prevent breakouts while reducing dark spots on the skin.

The official Ambi website is professionally made and features a ton of useful information. Each product is described in great detail, there is skincare advice, and a store locater so you can find a place that sells these products in your area. There is also an option to go to an online store so you can buy Ambi products conveniently from your own home.

The Good

  • Ambi was created by Johnson & Johnson, one of the most respected corporations in the US.
  • The website is very easy to use and informative.


The Bad

  • The ingredients aren’t listed for each product.
  • Ambi products seem to be intended more to even skin tone, and don’t really address wrinkles.
  • You will have to rely on retail stores or third party online shopping areas to purchase these products.

The Bottom Line

If you are a woman with a dark complexion, the Ambi products may be just right for you. These products are specially formulated for women with dark skin and the various common issues women with dark skin may experience. While the Ambi line contains many nice products at a low cost, if you are looking for anti-aging products, Ambi doesn’t have much to offer. We can’t recommend Ambi in the anti-aging category but it might be a product worth using in addition to a powerful wrinkle fighter to achieve overall healthy skin.

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  1. Why is the Ambi Puff Cream not available in South Africa anymore.We were devastated when we couldn’t find it anymore

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