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Amatokin is a product marketed by Voss Laboratories that claims to be the “hottest skin cream in the world”. Amatokin is supposed to do much more than the basics, like eliminating fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections related to sun exposure and age. The manufacturer claims that Amatokin actually rejuvenates your skin and activates unused stem cells that are sitting in your body doing nothing. This ultimately results in more youthful skin for the user. The manufacturer also says that Amatokin was created in a secret biotechnology lab hidden deep in the Russian mountains and is kept secret under lock and key, armed guards, and high tech security systems. Sounds more like a James Bond novel to us! The technology behind Amatokin was originally developed to aid in the recovery of burn victim’s skin.

Amatokin has a very impressive website that offers all kinds of information and testimonials about the product, as well as giving an in-depth rundown on how secretive the formula is. It makes it sound like an international spy ring would have trouble acquiring this stuff, but luckily you can buy it directly from the website or from other third party sites. The Amatokin website uses quotes very frequently on terms like “rejuvenate” and “super-secret” which seems odd to us. This could be a “lost in translation” thing though.

Amatokin offers three distinct products and they are a potent skin-rejuvenating serum, Eye cream, and Emulsion for the face. These products cost between $109.00 for .5 oz of the eye cream to $230.00 for a 1 oz. bottle of the rejuvenating serum.

Product Details

Amatokin is a very secretive product. The only real ingredient we could track down was Polypeptide #153 and something called SYN-COLL, which seems to be an artificial collagen. Collagen as an ingredient does help improve the elasticity of the skin but this synthetic type does not seem to have been studied enough to give conclusive trial results.

The Good

  • Intriguing website that really catches your eye.
  • Can purchase products from the official site and they offer package deals for large orders.
  • Product addresses the issue of the skin’s collagen production.

The Bad

  • Extremely expensive.
  • No listing of ingredients can be found.
  • The stem-cell claims may scare off many people.
  • There does nto appear to be a free gift or a trial sample for first time users offered by the manufacturer.

    The Bottom Line

    Amatokin is jumping in with both feet as they realize just how much media attention anything stem-cell related is getting right now. The fact that this product was supposedly developed to help burn victims repair damaged skin might appeal to many people, and probably means that there is some science buried somewhere in the product formula. However, it is not the only skin treatment that has its origins in the study of burn victims There are testimonials on third party websites that seem to go both ways. We would feel more confident in Amatokin if we could find details about a refund policy or money back guarantee before spending over $100 on a half ounce of cream.

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