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Alyria bills itself as a “Skin Optimizing System”. The official website recognizes that your skin is an organ of your body and that, if you follow a proper skin care regimen, your skin will become beautiful naturally. Alyria was created by Canderm Pharma, Inc. which claims to be Canada’s “leading independent skin care company”. This company has been in business for over 45 years and does seem to have a good reputation in the industry. Canderm Pharma Inc. offers skin care products that cover cosmeceuticals, cosmetic procedures, dermatological products, and over the counter skin treatments.

Alyria offers 15 different products on its official website as well as four complete skin care systems. The products include popular skin care items such as astringents, masks, serums, exfoliating creams and even antioxidant capsules. The four skin care systems are: Gentle, Revitalizing, Clarifying, and Enhancing. Alyria has been featured on the Today show, as well as in magazines such as Allure, LouLou, Self, and Life & Style, which helps to boost its credibility as an effective product line.

Product Details

While Alyria has a lot of different products, we will take a look at the Intense Wrinkle Correction to see what it has to offer. The Alyria Intense Wrinkle Correction is a non-irritating wrinkle filler that can be used on the neck, face, and eye areas. This product contains Matrixyl, which is one of the most powerful wrinkle fighters on the market right now. All of the Alyria products have the directions, application tips, and the full list of ingredients available which is wonderful to see on any health and beauty website.

The Good

  • Some Alyria products contain Matrixyl and other powerful wrinkle fighting ingredients.
  • Alyria products have been featured in magazines and on television which helps give them some credibility.2


The Bad

  • You can’t actually purchase any Alyria products on the official website.
  • Some Alyria products seem to contain parabens which may cause skin problems for some people.
  • We can’t find a money-back guarantee or information about the return policy on the official website.
  • No customer testimonials are present on the official site.

The Bottom Line

Alyria products seem to contain some nice wrinkle fighting ingredients, the official website is nicely made and easy to navigate, and the company has been around close to 50 years. These are definitely some things that make Alyria seem pretty good. The biggest problem we find is that we don’t see any clear return policies and there aren’t any customer testimonials on the site. We would love to see this company add some testimonials, clinical data, or some before and after pictures to make it more appealing to visitors to the website.

4 thoughts on “Alyria Review”

  1. I am using the firming cream from Alyria purchased for 115$. when it dryes, it leaves a white crust as a finish and I have to remove it with water. I do not reccomend this cream as for this price it should have a clean and smooth finish.

    1. It did not leave any residue on my skin. The sample I tried was great! I’m just not sure it’s any better than what I already use for considerably less.

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