Aloette Review

Do you have some questions about Aloette?

Aloette is a skincare line that utilizes aloe vera as one of the top ingredients. The business has been around for more than 30 years, but they’ve only been online since 1995. The company headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

What is Aloette?

Aloette offers skincare solutions that focus heavily on aloe vera. It is listed in the top three ingredients in just about every formula we reviewed. Unfortunately, experts are not sold on the benefits in regards to anti-aging as it is made up mostly of water. Products also contain rosemary extract, SD alcohol, green tea leaf, hydrolyzed quinoa, panthenol and fragrance.

Quick Facts on Aloette

  • Fragrance is an irritant found in multiple formulas.
  • Alcohol is not good for any skin condition as it causes damage.
  • Aloe vera is mostly water, thus it may not have anti-aging benefits.
  • All ingredients are listed for each formula.
  • Reviews are available online.
  • Products are also available on Amazon.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Aloette?

“The official website for Aloette is beautiful and easy to navigate,” explains our Skincare Editor. “But, no matter how the company presents the information, there are clearly irritants that could cause some skin damage. We’re also concerned by the use of alcohol and the number of reviews that look a little questionable.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

We found so few reviews for Aloette, that it was nearly impossible to get a read on the company or the products. We did find a complaint or two about effectiveness.

As one user said:

  • “I tried this on one foot and a much cheaper brand on the other. No difference.”

A happy customer claimed the opposite.

  • “I always go back to this lotion-love the scent and feel!”

We’re also a bit worried that some reviews may not be from actual customers.

  • “Nearly 100% of the reviews we found (fewer than 25) were five out of five stars,” reveals our Skincare Editor. “The trouble is that on websites like Amazon, not all are from Verified Purchases.”

Have We Decided to Give Aloette a Go?

You have to look at the whole picture when it comes to a product line like Aloette skin care. There are irritants in some formulas, reviews are few and far between and we think some are not actually from people who’ve used the formulas. When we take these reservations to heart, we’re just not sure this one is worth the money.

What Do We Like Better Than Aloette?

As of 2016, the one product that impresses us more than any other is BioGeniste. We found clinically tested ingredients, amazing customer reviews and no fragrance – so you don’t have to worry about that irritating factor.

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