Aloette Review


Aloette is a cosmetics company that is based in Georgia and offers a myriad of different types of skin care, makeup, and bath and body products. The big selling point of Aloette is right in the name. Their products are mostly aloe vera based. There are so many types of products available from this company that we will stick to the anti-aging products in order to see what they have to offer.

Aloette manufacturers over 30 different products in their anti-aging line and they cover everything from cleansers to firming solutions. The EGF Anti-Aging Serum sells for around $70, making it pretty expensive, but it’s supposed to accelerate skin cell growth and it is claimed to contain tons of enzymes. The Ageless Science Anti-Aging System comes in at a whopping $210 for a little under 3 oz and is supposed to use Japanese nanotechnology to improve skin texture and color.

Product Details

Many of the products from Aloette contain aloe vera which is known to aid the skin in burn recovery and is also an anti-inflammatory. People have been using the essence of the succulent aloe vera cactus for thousands of years, and it is a very safe product unless you are allergic to it. Some other common ingredients in Aloette products are vitamins C, A and E, which are all supposed to benefit your skin in one way or another. Vitamin A is common in many other anti-aging creams and claims to help your skin shed dead cells as a way to reduce fine lines.

Many of the products offered by Aloette are formulated in pairs or sets. If you buy one product, you may need to buy its complementary product to achieve the maximum desired results.

Each product by Aloette contains different ingredients, but luckily they are all listed on the website if you want to know what the specifics are. You will have to check the ingredient list for whatever specific products you are interested in.


The Good

  • All ingredients are listed along with the product descriptions.
  • Most products offer UV protection.
  • No animal testing.


The Bad

  • Testimonials say you can only get a refund for “in-store credit”.
  • Expensive, especially when buying complementary products in pairs.
  • No proven wrinkle reducers in the anti-aging line.
  • Company faced legal action due to claims on television that were untrue.

The Bottom Line

Aloette has a ton of products that may appeal to some people. There are so many products you will have to do extensive comparing to find out which one is right for you. We saw a lack of clinically proven wrinkle fithing peptides such as collagen or Matrixyl 3000, but some of the other ingredients may be healthy for your skin.

Testimonials online are very mixed. For every person that loves this product, there is another who is furious they wouldn’t refund their money for anything except brand credit. Use discretion and order one product at a time if you do opt for Aloette.


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