Almay Kinetin Daily Cream Review


Almay Kinetin Daily Cream is widely sold as an anti-aging treatment. The product, a Revlon brand, was released as a skin care product to improve signs of aging a few years ago. The manufacturers claim that the product, when applied daily, can erase wrinkles and fine lines and rejuvenate the skin. The company PR indicates that Almay Kinetin Daily Cream is safe for use in all skin types, has no side effects and is unique. The PR release also mentions that the kinetin works in the deeper layers of the user’s skin and delays the signs of aging.

The Vice President of Almay skin care says the Kinetin Daily Cream product is a break through among currently available products and that it allows women to “cheat time”. Other websites that sell the product make the claim that Almay Kinetine cream not only prevents/delays the signs of aging but can also cure existing wrinkles and pigmented spots. Many of the ads claim that after 6-8 weeks of application of the Almay Kinetin Daily cream, the wrinkles disappear forever. Besides removing wrinkles, the product is claimed to keep the skin hydrated all day. This fragrance free Cream is highly recommended for individuals with sensitive skin.

Product Details

Unfortunately there is no official site for Almay Kinetin Daily Cream. It is extremely important for all women to know what the ingredients are in a product before they start applying it on their body. Despite the fact that this product is widely sold all over the internet, not a single site mentions the ingredients in this cream. The only recurrent theme mentioned about the Almay Kinetin Cream is that it is made from some green leafy plants and highly recommended by dermatologists. It also contains a sun screen with an SPF of 15 and an anti-wrinkle Booster serum.

The Good

  • The product is widely available all over cyberspace at reduced rates.
  • At many sites, if you buy one Almay product, you get a second one at a reduced rate.
  • Does contain a sunscreen.
  • The product does contain an unknown anti-oxidant.
  • – Contains kinetin; a plant product which has been shown to reduce wrinkles.
  • Almay Kinetin Cream is quite cheap ($ 12-$ 15 per vial).

The Bad

  • The product does not even have a web page.
  • Except for the presence of kinetin no other ingredients are mentioned.
  • Very vague description of the product.
  • Not a single case report or clinical trial.
  • Consumer testimonials not available for Almay Kinetin Daily Cream.
  • No pre or post treatment photos.

The Bottom Line

Almay Kinetin Daily Cream does contain kinetic, a plant product that has been shown to decrease or delay the presence of wrinkles. However, everything else about the product is very vague. Simply to claim that it can reverse aging and improve the skin quality is not adequate. Even the concentration of kinetin in the Almay Kinetin Daily Cram is nowhere to be found. Almay kinetin cream is sold at a very low price of $15 and even lower on some sites. This probably reflects that the product is more geared towards bargain shoppers than those looking to invest in a big-brand wrinkle fighter. If one does not have money to spend on more expensive, higher quality anti-aging products, one can buy Almay Kinetin Daily cream. It probably works more like a skin moisturizer than an anti-aging cream.

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