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Algologie is a French company that has been around for over 30 years. Algologie’s selling point is that their products are based on natural ingredients from the sea such as algae, salts, and various ocean-derived minerals. Algologie offers hundreds of different products on their website that range from skin-type specific nourishing creams and lotions to anti-aging creams.

Algologie products can be obtained from many different distributors located all around the world, but it can be difficult to find the exact product that you are looking for. The official website is fairly vague about the products, what they do, what’s in them and how much they cost. There is a contact form you can fill out if you decide you want some specific information but it appears you’ll be buying Algologie . A quick web search with the full name of the product you are looking for with “Algologie” added does seem to provide some solid results for product retailers. For example, the Phytohormone Cream is available through a beauty website for $16.00 US.

Something interesting about Algologie is that they offer numerous detoxifying drinks and healthy supplements to complement their line of topical products. They also have a line of products geared towards men.

Product Details

It is difficult to get many details from the official website for Algologie. After some hunting around, we did find the ingredients listed for many products and they are mostly natural. Most of the products contain seaweed as well as vitamin E and other healthy components. You will have to do some digging around or contact the company directly for better information, especially if you are concerned about allergic reactions.


The Good

  • Amazing selection of products for everything from wrinkle-fighting to skin nourishment.
  • Products cover a wide range of beauty care areas.
  • The online contact form is very easy to use.3


The Bad

  • Difficult to actually find and purchase the products.
  • Not many reviews on Algologie products that we could find.
  • Vague website with no shopping area.
  • Descriptions of products aren’t very thorough.
  • Manufacturer-offered money back guarantee or a first time user free trial sample both do not seem to be offered.

    The Bottom Line

    Algologie seems like they know the business pretty well. They offer so many products that odds are you will find something appealing from this company. All of the ingredients are supposed to be natural and many of them come from the ocean. After some digging around, the products aren’t terribly expensive but will be difficult to get your hands on. You will have to find a website that sells their products on your own as the official site doesn’t sell them itself and it is unclear if they are available from any brick-and-mortar locations.

    The official website doesn’t list ingredients but many of the private sites do. Use your judgment and maybe try out one or two inexpensive products from this company and see if you like them. They do offer some anti wrinkle products but it’s hard to know if they are reliable because there just isn’t enough information available. However, if you are serious about getting rid of wrinkles, you’ll probably want to look for a product from a manufacturer dedicated to coming up with just anti-wrinkle products.

14 thoughts on “Algologie Review”

    1. Contact their Sydney office they will give you details of a local stockist, I have been using for 15 years fantastic product have tried many other professional ranges but keep going back to this product try it you will love it, Lynne

  1. I have been using here in Canada for about a month. It is the three step system, cleanser, toner, and face cream for oily skin.

    The ingredients read natural, and smell great. The cream is $58, toner and cleanser is $40 each. It reduced my acne maybe 10%.

    The cream however, feels amazing on the skin.

  2. Algologie is sold and used extensively in Australia by professional beauty salons/spas. The products were ‘prescribed’ to me by my beauty therapist and they are the best I have ever used and I have used a lot (shiseido, ASAP, ocosmedics, dermalogica, Clinique, la prairie etc plus all the chemist brands). Cleared up my scars, pigmentation and last forever.

  3. Algologie is a fantastic product based on natural ingredients that do no irritate sensitive skin. I have been using these products now for 12 months with a noticeable difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. Well worth the purchase price which is not expensive and is easily available within Australia.

  4. I had never heard of this brand before but liked that most of the ingredients were natural. I had a lifting facial at s holiday resort spa and was impressed with the results. I don’t have problem skin, just aging, however my skin glowed and did look lifted for a couple of weeks after. I will definitely be using this brand in the future once I find a stockist in the UK. Thanks to the other reviewers.

  5. I am interested contacting algologie to become a local distributor. I have tried the number on their global website and sent an email but without luck. Can somebody assist in how I can get hold of them or order products from them?

  6. great product have tried others (from israel).. this line is from france
    have used it for a while now and love the results
    reasonably priced too.. worth it

  7. After some facial surgery to remove some suspect cysts, my surgeon recommended I see a beautician she knew who helped people with skin cancers enormously. She was an ex lawyer who wanted a sea change and did her research thoroughly. Algologie was one of her preferred products, especially the maceration oil and centella extract. I used this as a staple ever since and my skin really thrives on it feeling rehydrated and fresh – it has helped somewhat with my pigmentation over the years too.

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