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Ainhoa is a skin treatment company located in Barcelona, Spain. Their website can be viewed in English or Spanish. The company began in 1996 and is now a leading manufacturer of cosmetic products in over 50 counties. They claim to specialize in the Asian and European markets. However, detailed information about the company is difficult to find. The official website does not give many facts about Ainhoa as a whole. They have won awards and various press recognition. On their website, they have news coverage of their company. Unfortunately, it can only be viewed in Spanish. Ainhoa offers skin care treatment as well as make-up. They claim that their products use natural ingredients derived from “active components.” The company states that their products are of high quality and produce excellent result for the consumer.

The website caters to professional distributors as well as the public. It is difficult to locate any other store online to buy these products from. Retail stores in an individual’s area are also very difficult to determine. Ainhoa has over 200 items to choose from. Their order form is fairly primitive as it is setup like an email form. The Ainhoa site offers detailed explanations of each line of products. This will assist in understanding exactly what a person is buying. Cost for each item is not displayed on the website, at least until after a potential buyer begins the checkout process, which we found strange.

Product Details

Even though, an individual can get an understanding of the types of products offered, the Ainhoa company does not present their ingredients for public view. Third party websites for these items are scarce. The company claims that their products use natural ingredients; however without a detailed list these ingredients are completely unknown.

The merchandise includes moisturizers, masks, and a cleansing tool, as well as gel packs. The Ainhoa site has a product list and detailed information on the merchandise lines they provide.

The Good

  • Ainhoa offers several products to choose from.
  • They specialize in skin care as well as cosmetics.
  • A list of merchandise can be found explaining each item in detail.
  • The website is simple to navigate.

The Bad

  • An ingredient list is no where to be found on Ainhoa’s website or from third party dealers.
  • Prices are completely unknown unless a person emails the company or fills out the order form.
  • Purchasing the merchandise is time-consuming and primitive.
  • Testimonials or personal reviews cannot be found anywhere.
  • Third party websites for additional information are very limited.

The Bottom Line

Even though a person can find some information on Ainhoa’s official website, it may not be enough for the average consumer. When selecting a skin treatment, most individuals would like to know exactly what they are receiving from the company. In this day and age of the internet, speed is crucial. Many individuals would like to get in and then get out quickly. They do not wish to spend time waiting for a price list or ordering their products. Perhaps if you are a member of the foreign markets that Ainhoa seems to cater to, more info is available. But if you’re in the USA, there are many locally based anti-wrinkle products that are more convenient to obtain and that offer many more product details.

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