Ahava Review


Ahava is a cosmetics and skin care company that is based adjunct to the primary source of the ingredients found in its formulas; the Dead Sea. This area has long been touted as having intense healing properties for both the body and the complexion. In fact, tradition says that Cleopatra herself bathed in the Dead Sea to take full advantage of the rich minerals that this geographical phenomenon provides. It is said that the Dead Sea provides the highest concentration of minerals found anywhere – up to 32%, according to the Ahava website. These rich nutrients can help users maintain healthy, supple skin when they are used regularly through Dead Sea skin care products.

Ahava offers its Dead Sea products in stores throughout Israel and in some retailers worldwide. Consumers can also find these products available for sale through the Ahava US website and other online retailers. The anti-aging line of Ahava, known as Time Line, includes a face and night cream, eye treatment, serum and ampoules. The company website provides plenty of information about the products, including complete ingredient lists and customer testimonials. There is also a money back guarantee stated, although there is no time line listed for returns.

Product Details

The Time Line anti-aging products all appear to have similar formulas that boast a “3D complex” as their core. This complex includes a patented “Mineral Skin Osmoter” that claims to be taken directly from the waters of the Dead Sea, Dunaliella Algae, which is indigenous to the Dead Sea area and extracts of the Trigonella shrub and Jujube tree. The company states that research done by the European company Dermatest showed this 3D complex offered “astounding results” with significant wrinkle reduction and deep moisturizing. The complex was also proven to protect the skin from further free radical damage that could accelerate the aging process.

While we appreciate that Ahava provides clinical results for their formula, we prefer to see anti-aging ingredients that have been proven in many different clinical trials to have positive results. These ingredients include argireline, matrixyl and hyaluronic acid. We are also concerned with the fact that the Ahava products appear to contain many parabens, since these substances have been suspected as possible carcinogens for some time.

The Good

  • Dead Sea minerals have been proven to be good for the skin.
  • Ahava provides good information on the products and a money back guarantee.

The Bad

  • The Ahava anti-aging line does not include any proven anti-aging ingredients.
  • There are many different products with similar formulas offered.
  • There are ingredients in the formula that may be potentially dangerous.

The Bottom Line

While there is plenty of evidence to suggest that minerals and water from the Dead Sea are good for the skin, the jury is still out on whether these substances are effective for anti-aging formulas. We prefer to see proven ingredients like argireline, matrixyl and hyaluronic acid for maximum benefit in an anti-aging product.

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