Affirm Review


The Affirm Laser Treatment claims to be “The answer to the age old question: How can I reverse the signs of aging?”. Affirm bills itself as an alternative to facelifts and injection procedures, claiming that it works in a much faster way with less healing time. The official website claims that you can have tighter and significantly more lifted skin with fewer lines and wrinkles by using this laser treatment. The Affirm Laser Treatment headquarters can be found in Portland, Oregon. The procedure uses a non-invasive, low heat laser to treat problem areas.

The official website has some before and after pictures and has a description of how the procedure works. This treatment claims to work on acne scars, spots, and discoloration, no matter where it is on your body. This makes it quite versatile in the beauty area since people often have problem areas in less visible places.

Product Details

The Affirm Laser Treatment won’t appeal to everyone, since laser treatments usually cost a couple thousand dollars and this particular treatment is available only in the Pacific Northwest. This laser treatment differs from other types because it typically lasts less than 30 minutes and requires no anesthetic or topical agent. It is recommended that you get between 3 and 6 treatments over 3 to 6 months if you want to get the maximum benefits of Affirm Laser Treatments, so that will raise the price quite a bit.

Laser treatment isn’t a new technique and many people will find it appealing if they aren’t having the best of luck with various anti-aging creams and spa treatments, and don’t want to have any type of cosmetic surgery.

The Good

  • This procedure offers a long lasting solution to various skin problems and conditions.
  • The Affirm Laser procedure is less invasive than surgery and has a very fast healing time.


The Bad

  • Laser treatments of any kind are quite expensive.
  • You may see some side effects such as red skin for a day or two after this procedure.
  • The Affirm Laser Treatment seems to only be available in Portland, Oregon at this time.

The Bottom Line

The Affirm Laser Treatment may be a viable option if you aren’t having much luck controlling fine lines and wrinkles with traditional lotions and creams. The problem with this particular procedure is that it is based in Portland, Oregon and the official website says you will need 3-6 treatments over 3-6 months. If you don’t live near Portland, that’s going to be almost impossible unless you have a lot of unused frequent flyer miles.

Laser treatments such as Affirm require a significant decision and commitment so we strongly recommend trying some of the better anti-aging products that contain very powerful and well known wrinkle fighting ingredients before taking this step.

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