AFA Exfoliating Gel Mild Review

What You Should Know

If you are not familiar with AFA, it is essentially a line of topical skin care products that aim to improve the overall tone, texture, and appearance of skin. Also referred to as Amino Acid Skin Care, this line offers a patented AFA Technology that addresses the skin’s natural moisture loss, and remedies this issue. Unique cleansers, moisturizers, gels, and specialty products are offered by AFA to help rejuvenate the facial skin, and assist with anti-aging. This line of products aids by sloughing off dead surface cells, and enabling the skin to retain more moisture. Antioxidants are also used in these products in order to reverse free radical damage and keep the skin looking more youthful. We will now focus on one product from this brand, which is AFA Exfoliating Gel Mild.

Product Details

AFA Exfoliating Gel Mild is only supposed to be sold through licensed dermatologists and skin care experts. However, you can find this product for sale online for around $65 (may not be wise to purchase it through an online store). This gel treatment is claimed to even out skin tone, counteract free radicals from the sun and pollution, exfoliate dead surface cells, and reduce signs of sun damage and acne scaring. It may also minimize fine lines and wrinkles, as well as skin blotchiness. AFA Exfoliating Gel Mild should only be applied at night, after cleansing.

Amino Acids are the primary ingredient used in this gel formula. They assist with skin cell exfoliation, which can help improve skin clarity, tone, and past sun damage. Dead Sea Minerals are also found in AFA Exfoliating Gel Mild. These ingredients are said to have a healing effect on the dermis, and may provide nutrients. Vitamin C is used in this gel treatment to improve skin tone, lighten discolorations, and brighten the complexion. Vitamin C also helps prevent new sun damage, while tightening the skin.

The Good

  • AFA Exfoliating Gel Mild addresses several skin concerns.
  • This anti-aging formula contains Vitamin C.

The Bad

  • AFA products are only sold through dermatologists and physicians.
  • This face treatment may increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight.
  • The alcohol used in this formula may increase skin dryness.
  • No satisfaction guarantee is offered with AFA Exfoliating Gel Mild.

The Bottom Line

AFA Exfoliating Gel Mild certainly comes across as a nighttime exfoliating treatment, such as Glycolic Acid or Retinol. Therefore it may make your face more sensitive to sunlight. Although this gel lacks anti-wrinkle ingredients like Matrixyl, it does offer helpful substances like Vitamin C. One major drawback to this anti-aging product is that it is supposed to be acquired through a licensed dermatologist or skincare expert. Therefore it may be difficult to come by.

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