AFA Amino Acid Skin Care Review


As you likely already know, there are plenty of options at your fingertips when it comes to skin care these days. Right now we are taking a closer look at AFA Amino Acid Skin Care, which is a line of professional skin treatments offered by medical experts only. This line was created by Biopelle, and aims to active the skin’s beauty, or at least that is what is touted on the website. Users should ideally see noticeable results within a short amount of time. There is a convenient contact page provided on the official website that allows you to learn more about AFA Amino Acid Skin Care.

Three different types of professional cosmetic procedures that are addressed on the website are Facial Peel Treatments (this is geared toward individuals with sensitive or dry skin), Facial Clay-Peel System (for normal to oily complexions), and the Body Clay-Peel System (this is for photo-damaged skin). In regards to these peel treatments, they are claimed to be less irritating than traditional AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) peels. As far as the facial peels go, there are different levels of potency, which are described as 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60. Overall, AFA Amino Acid Skin Care treatments should assist with improving skin tone, skin texture and skin radiance.

Product Details

AFA Amino Acid Skin Care is essentially a group of professional skin care procedures that may assist with anti-aging and attaining a more youthful glow. The key component in these treatments appears to be an Acidified Amino Acid Complex, which aims to rejuvenate the client’s skin. While dead surface skin cells are exfoliated, deeper layers of the epidermis are hydrated, but without irritation. Naturally results will vary from person to person. There do not appear to be any sort of success stories or testimonials provided on the official website.

The Good

  • The AFA Amino Acid Skin Care procedures are only done in a professional environment, which some individuals may find reassuring.
  • The official website is rather informative in regards to the treatments.
  • There is a contact page offered that allows you to learn more about AFA Amino Acid Skin Care.

The Bad

  • There are no testimonials from past AFA Amino Acid Skin Care treatment clients.
  • Some individuals may experience an irritating reaction to these types of beauty treatments.
  • There are no prices listed out on the official website to help you get an idea of what these treatments cost.
  • Some people may not care for the fact that all AFA Amino Acid Skin Care procedures must be done in a professional environment.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the AFA Amino Acid Skin Care treatment method seems rather unique and interesting. It all comes down to what kind of beauty treatment you are after. However, for those who seek an at-home skin care regimen that is not so involved, this type of treatment may not be right for you. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that professional treatments such as this can cost quite a bit, or even lead to certain skin irritations in some users. Be sure to get all the information you need up front.

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  1. I have a rare skin condition called dermatomyosits. It causes a really bad, itchy, redish, bluish, purple rash. I am wondering if the AFA Clay Peel would make my skin look any better. Right now it is calming from a flare but it is very rough and looks awful.

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