Adrien Arpel Review


The Adrien Arpel website claims that this company has received international recognition for its line of skin care products that combines the best in European methods with the latest developments in the fields of biology and skin care. While it also states that all of the Adrien Arpel products are rich in ingredients that have been clinically tested for effectiveness, few of those ingredients are listed on the company website. We were also unable to find customer testimonials or any sort of manufacturer’s money back guarantee available on these products.

The line of Adrien Arpel skin care products is a long one, and includes everything from skin resurfacing and hydration to anti-aging products. This company also offers fragrances and “treats for the body”, including scrubs, scented soaps and a hydrating spritz. For the purpose of this review, we will focus primarily on the anti-aging items. However, we have some reservations about a company that offers such a wide range of items, rather than focusing on a handful of exceptionally good formulas.

Product Details

We were unable to find complete ingredient lists for any of the products on the company website. This is a concern for those who may be worried about allergies or sensitive skin issues. The one anti-aging product by this company that shows true promise in terms of ingredients is the Daytime Wrinkle Minimizer. This cream does contain acetyl peptide-3, which is also known as argireline. This substance has been touted as “the Botox alternative”, because it can effectively relax the facial muscles that lead to fine lines and wrinkles. We are encouraged by the use of this ingredient in the wrinkle cream, but would prefer if it also had Matryxil 3000 on its list for maximum benefits.

The Adrien Arpel Bio Cellular Night Cream and the Bio Cellular Night Eye Gelee both have alpha hydroxy acids in the formula. This substance is used in hundreds of anti-aging products and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by “resurfacing” the skin. However, some people may experience irritation from the use of hydroxy acids, so use with care if you have sensitive skin. This ingredient can also heighten your sensitivity to the sun, so make sure you wear sunscreen whenever you are using products with alpha hydroxy acid as a key active ingredient.

The Good

  • The Adrien Arpel Daytime Wrinkle Minimizer contains argireline.
  • There is an online presence by the company.

The Bad

  • No customer testimonials or money back guarantee could be found.
  • We were unable to locate complete ingredients lists for any of the products.
  • Some of the products might be irritating on sensitive skin.
  • With so many products to choose from, the Adrien Arpel line could get confusing for those looking to just treat wrinkles.

The Bottom Line

The Adrien Arpel skin care line does offer some effective ingredients at a moderate price. However, without a complete ingredient list and no money back guarantee available, we advise consumers to proceed with caution when purchasing from the Adrien Arpel line. In general, this line appears to be dedicated more to promoting general skin health, and less to specifically fighting wrinkles.


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