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The first thing we notice about the Actifirm products is that many come in syringe-like containers that might make one wonder if the formulas within are meant for a doctor’s office or home use. According to the company website, the syringe-like packaging is designed to allow for greater control through measuring the amount of Actifirm that is applied to the skin each day. The second factor that catches our eye is the price of this skin care regimen; there are six products that are meant to be used together each day, and the total bill for this set runs about $300 at the time of this review. If you purchase the Actifirm products separately, the cost is much higher than that.

We have reservations about a skin care line that recommends you use so many different products on a daily basis. There can also be disadvantages to purchasing items in a set; what happens if you run out of cleanser before you run out of serum? We were able to find online retailers that sold the items separately, although the total cost was more when the Actifirm products were purchased this way. The company did provide some before and after photos on their website, but we were unable to locate customer testimonials or any sort of money back guarantee. When you try to purchase the products directly through the company, you are routed to an online retailer that will handle the transaction for you.

Product Details

The primary goal of the Actifirm line appears to be a resurfacing of the skin that will leave it smoother and healthier looking. The Renovation Cream that is supposed to be used at night does state that it will diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It claims that it will do so by the gotu kola, rosemary and Echinacea in the formula. However, we believe that the best ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles are argireline, matrixyl 3000 and soluble collagen. This formula does not contain any of these substances.

Many of the products do contains sodium hyaluronate, which is an excellent hydrating substance that can make the skin look smoother and younger. However, to be an effective anti-aging product, the sodium hyaluronate should be combined with at least one of the three ingredients listed above. The lack of proven ingredients makes us wonder about the anti-aging results that you will see using the Actifirm skin care program.

The Good

  • Many of the products in the line do contain sodium hyaluronate.
  • The Actifirm website is professional and easy to navigate, and provides complete ingredient lists for all of the products.

The Bad

  • None of the products contain proven anti-aging ingredients like argireline or matrixyl 3000.
  • There is no money back guarantee that we could find.
  • The products are supposed to be purchased together, and they are very expensive.
  • Using a six-item set every day (as recommended) could become quite tedious.


The Actifirm line of wrinkle fighting products is a bit too involved for us, especially when compared to simpler alternatives that are on the market. Actifirm wants users to purchase and dutifully use six products every day. If you enjoy adding to your morning and evening beauty regimens, this could work for you, but most users will find Actifirm expensive and a lot of work.

2 thoughts on “Actifirm Review”

  1. I am a VERY happy user of Actifirm for aprox 2 yrs. I have tried Hydroxatone prior to Actifirm, but was not pleased,& talk about trying to get the auto-ship stopped, you do not even want to get me started! Actifirm DOES have guarantee, just call!

  2. I used the actifirm décolleté firm product & my face and neck have a horrible cluster-like burning red rash that keeps getting worse all over it. Is this normal? I wouldn’t think this should have happened and now don’t know what to do to treat it. Please help!!

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