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Actifade is promoted by its manufacturer as a treatment that will help get rid of many different types of skin discolorations such as age spots, liver spots, and freckles. Actifade offers three types of products on its website. These products increase in price as additionally skin-lightening ingredients are added. Actifade promises younger and healthier looking skin by helping eliminate abnormalities and discolorations that prevent skin from looking smooth and healthy.

Product Details

There are three distinct products offered by ActiFade and each one claims to give users something a little different. There is the Precision Youth Complex, Opulent Youth Complex and Radiant Youth Complex. Two of these are marketed heavily and available online, while one is specifically designed to be sold at drug stores such as CVS/Pharmacy.

Actifade’s Opulent Youth Complex is a cream that is supposed to gradually diminish the appearance of any spots such as sun spots, age spots, and freckles. This is basically a cream that, over time, will lighten your overall skin tone to make it more uniform. This cream also comes with some concealer properties that you can use for covering spots until the cream does its job. The price point for this cream is $69.95 on sale from the manufacturer.

The Radiant Youth Complex is very similar to the Opulent Youth Complex but has added vitamins and minerals that may help nourish your skin while the cream lightens it. This complex also contains Epizene, which is supposed to promote healthy skin. This complex is a little more expensive than the Opulent Youth Complex at $99.95 on sale.

The cream marketed strictly for drugstores comes in a smaller size at 2 oz., compared to the 4 oz. sizes offered on the official website. This Radiant Youth Complex also comes with extra concealers. This is probably a well-considered marketing strategy based on the premise that not many people spend over $50 on one product in the beauty aisle of these drugstores stores.

The Good

  • Great return policy.
  • Products usually on sale from the official manufacturer.
  • Some favorable testimonials on third party websites.

The Bad

  • Product lines are expensive.
  • No real clinical research seems to have been conducted.
  • No ingredients list online for users to determine allergy information.
  • Like many lightening creams, these will increase a user’s sensitivity to sunlight.

The Bottom Line

As far as wrinkle creams go, ActiFade is marketed towards those who wish to lighten their skin and make is appear more uniform in color after age spots have started to pop up. The reduction of discolorations is a plus, but there isn’t any research available to show if this actually does what it’s supposed to. True wrinkle reducing creams should contain collagen and hyaluronic acid as those have been tested and do aid in wrinkle reduction.

Basically, if you are looking for a true wrinkle reducer, this isn’t the product for you. However, if you are sick to death of that one patch of freckles out of place it may be worth a shot as the return policy is pretty solid.

24 thoughts on “Actifade Review”

  1. tried your customer service # ,can’t get hold of them,always putting me on hold.Just want to find out if I have to use the concealer and can I use Actifade under my moisturizer & make-up? Thanks.

  2. It really faded age spots on my hands! I tried Actifade Targeted Skin Lightening Cream (comes with 3 tube concealers). Active ingredient is hydroquinone 1.5%. About $45. Said it would last a month, lasted three months. And it really worked, I just bought another jar. It definitely lightened the spots so they are barely there. I was surprised, I figured it wouldn’t work. Not perfect, i.e., spots are faintly there, but faintly – not in your face. Hope this helps.

  3. I am at the end of my first jar, lasted 2 months. It is helping. My age spots are diminished. Ofcourse you do not have to use the concealer but it works pretty well too.

  4. This product contains 1.5% Hydroquinone and is around 50 dollars. Ambi Fade cream is 4 dollars and contains 2%. Hydroquinone is the skin lightner. Ambi is mainly marketed to asrican-americans…also contains sun screen.

    1. *African-Americans and can be found at most drug stores and Walmart. It works I have used Ambi or some form of for some time. Look on the ethnic isle.

  5. I rec’d an ad in the newspaper saying I can save up to $10.00. Go to, so I did and nothing is there to save me this money. Is this a false ad. on your part as I thought it was lagitmate and bought the product in blind faith?

  6. I’m disappointed with the result, it didn’t erase the age spots and blemishes on my face after 3 months of using Actifade. This is just a waste of money

  7. I bought a container of ActiFade:Face at Walgreens approximately 12 months ago and I still have the brown spots on my face. I am not pleased with this product.

  8. When would Actifade”s price go down? I personally think It’s too expensive. Afterall; it only works for a short time.

  9. i bought the actifade face cream for age spots and dark spots and i think i may have gotten some on my eyelids and now thy are irriatated and a little bumpy….will this go away?

  10. I bought one of the kits with the cream & concealers. I’ve used it for 4 months, and it isn’t doing anything. How do I get a refund?

  11. I am an employee who is trying to find out the expiration date to this product, I called the number on the box and the support system was unavailable saying all orders had ceased and no information could be given. All tweets have ceased and the web site is unavailable. We need to know what is going on, I need an 800 number to call and speak to a representive.

  12. I just started using Actifade and I do see results but I’m breaking out in little red bumps all over my face

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