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When it comes to beauty products, especially those related to wrinkle reduction and prevention, there are tons of products on the market today. It can be hard to determine which products are the best to use and which ones to stay away from. When we take a closer look at Absolue Precious Cells, we see that while it may be a great option, it probably isn’t the best one for most people. It promises quick and easy results, noticeable within a month, but does it really deliver?

Targeted toward women in their 50’s, dermatologists doubt the stem cells ability to actually improve the condition of skin. The product claims to be clinically proven, however, no evidence of these studies is available.

Product Details

A product by Lancome, Absolue Precious Cells is a SPF 15 cream designed to help firm skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The idea behind this product and what makes it different from others on the market is that it uses stem cells to improve the appearance and condition of skin. The product claims research shows the stem cells will stimulate cell regeneration, which will make the skin more firm and dense, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and therefore helping women to look younger.

The Good

  • The product website is incredibly informative and helps people learn more about the product.
  • The product website offers links to third party testimonials.

The Bad

  • The product is highly priced at $145 for the day moisturizer, $145 for the night cream, and $95 for the eye cream. This puts it out of the reach of many of the targeted users.
  • Though the product claims to be clinically tested, there is no evidence of these tests anywhere for the general public to see.
  • Even though the product may contain actual stem cells, there is no proof they are real, or that they will actually work to improve the overall condition of a women’s skin.
  • The products may have to be used together, for an even heftier price tag, to show the best results.

The Bottom Line

While the Absolue Precious Cells product may sound like a great option for many, the price is a major reason why many people won’t be able to use it. Though you usually get what you pay for, using a less expensive treatment does not mean you will see lesser results. The expense for the product comes from the fact that there are stem cells in it, but without the guarantee that stem cells are actually in the product, combined with the fact that stem cells may not actually do anything to help the skin, it’s not worth it.

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