A-Cute Derm Review


A-Cute Derm is a skin care company, which carries a large variety of skin care and beauty products. Many of these products are only available for purchase by physicians. These products are in the anti-aging category. They are different forms of a Glycolic Peel. The A-Cute Derm skin care company has a large selection of products some of which are labeled for anti-aging but none of A-Cute Derm’s products promise to reduce wrinkles or fine lines. In the anti-aging beauty product field most consumers are looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles rather than just bringing back a youthful glow.

Product Details

While none of the products sold by A-Cute Derm focus on reduction of wrinkles or fine lines, they do have a large selection of skin care products. These products cover a large variety of skin conditions and skin types. A-Cute Derm has skin care products to firm and rejuvenate the skin and it also has medical grade products that can only be purchased by medical professionals. The skin care product line by A-Cute Derm is designed for those with dry, oily and normal skin types. It has a wide variety of products for acne and other skin disorders, but there really is not formula designed to reduce wrinkles or fine lines.

There is a dedicated website for A-Cute Derm. The problem with A-Cute Derm’s website it that it seems to be promoting not only it’s product but also trying to sell website rights to those making websites or to sell A-Cute Derm products online. This could lead to difficulty establishing which is are true A-Cute Derm products and which products are imitations. The website lists ingredients included in the products, but prices for these products are not available. There is also no published clinical proof that the products from A-Cute Derm can provide wrinkle or fine line reduction.

The Good

  • There is a dedicated website providing information on the various skin care products.
  • Ingredients included in the A-Cute Derm products are listed on their website.

The Bad

  • There does not seem to be wrinkle or fine line reducer in the A-Cute Derm line of products.
  • The A-Cute Derm website does not disclose prices.
  • There is no evidence that the A-Cute Derm products can provide the results they claim.
  • Some products may only be purchased by medical professionals.

The Bottom Line

While A-Cute Derm may produce quality skin care products, none of their products target the reduction of wrinkles or fine lines. Their products mainly focus on the over all health of skin and improving the clarification of the skin. Those looking for wrinkle reduction as an anti-aging product should look for products which contain Argatensyl or Matrixyl 3000. Both of these products have proven research to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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