2nd Debut Review


2nd Debut is a moisturizing cream that was created by a relatively unknown company called Dia’mar. 2nd Debut is marketed as a moisturizing cream, but it also claims to help a person gain a younger appearance from its use. Unfortunately, there isn’t any real evidence available online that we could find to support this advertised ability, mainly because the 2nd Debut product and manufacturer could not be found on any official website.

There are a great number of anti-ageing creams and other cosmetics in the 2nd Debut line, but the products appear to be rather mediocre in their ingredients. 2nd Debut products had no ingredients list to be found online.

Product Details

From our own efforts at searching, we could find no official website for 2nd Debut moisturizing cream. Because of this, there isn’t any real, official list of ingredients or components online. Even the retail stores and sites like Amazon don’t detail a full list of product ingredients. As per one website, however, the moisturizing cream is thought to have copper, peptides, rice bran oil, allantoin and aloe as some of its active ingredients.

In today’s health care and cosmetics environment, many companies try to make it seem as though a single ingredient is the key to reducing signs of ageing. However, it has been shown that despite a lack of adequate vitamins or minerals, collagens and other essential skin chemicals can be replenished with supplements. In other words, they aren’t needed in a moisturizing cream. Consumers are looking for more than just vitamins and minerals in their moisturizing creams. 2nd Debut doesn’t seem to offer much more in this regard.

The Good

  • 2nd Debut may have some concealing benefits to help with an unaged look.

The Bad

  • The cream likely doesn’t contain either Real Collagen or Matrixyl 3000 – two products necessary for collagen maintenance.
  • 2nd Debut cream has no actual website as far as a first party goes – all information is found on third-party sources such as Amazon retail and affiliate sites.
  • The company that creates 2nd Debut moisture cream has no official online presence, which makes it difficult to find information on them.
  • In keeping with the above, there isn’t any official list of ingredients to help figure out what’s safe to use.

The Bottom Line

2nd Debut moisturizing cream really brings nothing new to the market of cosmetics, and in fact could be unsafe to use. This is amplified by the fact that there isn’t any official website that lists ingredients. Consumers are unable to judge whether the ingredients used in 2nd Debut are safe for application, and frankly, it speaks poorly of Dia’mar that there is no list. They seem to have little focus, instead relying on a wide range of products that all essentially do the same thing. Because of this, it’s likely a better idea to look for another type of moisturizing cream, because the skin loses its ability over time to form new tissue. At this time, it’s necessary to have a moisturizing cream that offers enough hydration and supplementation for the skin to keep its strength.


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